Sunday, March 6, 2011


How many Kennys do you know?

These are the few Kennys in my life right now.

1. The one with the biggest butt:
Kenny Ng. Lawak bodoh partner-in-crime.

2. The one who dies and will rise again on the next episode:
Kenny from South Park. Never failed to entertain.

3. The Irishman that I love:
Kilkenny. I love the taste of his cream. Kinky shit.

4. The one who stole Yu Jian:
Uncle Kenny from GTA: Chinatown Wars. I know he's up to no good from the start of the game.

5. The one I trust and the only Kenny I'll ever kiss:
Kenny Dalglish. The King.

Turning 60 just last Friday, King Kenny has continued his rally of success at Liverpool FC albeit many pessimistic critics who disregarded him as nothing more than "just a temporal hype".

With just a couple of games to go before the end of the season, and regardless whether King Kenny will win any silverware for the club, he will always be hailed as THE Legend.

No ordinary Legend, but THE Legend. Not only has he played great football during his heydays, but he has also played a great role in rebuilding the club in the midst of a downward spiral and ownership turmoil.

Kenny Dalglish is not just a football history icon but is very relevant even to the present day for his abilities to hold the club together, inspire confidence and in uniting the fans together to support their beloved club in the toughest of times.

That, is definitely legendary.

And fingers crossed, let's pray that the King will do major damage to the Devils in tonight's game!

Or even the better

You'll Never Walk Alone. C'mon you Reds!

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